Moroccan Poufs

The Story of The Pouf

Round pouf, cube pouf, pink or white pouf, classic ottoman, the pouf has inspired many designers and its nonchalant comfort is not ready to go out of style: instrument of decor for a room or used as a stylish foot rest, the pouf has undeniably became part of modern decor.

Poufs were introduced in Europe in the 19th century. They were small, low stools, and covered with cloths to conceal their legs. It was towards the end of the century that these type of ottomans began became particularly popular.

The pouf is very present in the oriental decor. The word pouf has its origin in the Arabic and Ottoman language. It refers to a cushion without arms or backrest used in the Middle East and Maghreb. Indeed, it allows to sit comfortably on the ground and to sit comfortably in a circle with other guests. We pick the best quality hand made Pouffes from the Moroccan souks. Poufs are shipped flat and are stuffed with old newspapers and rags. Moroccan Pouffes are mainly made with leather and are decorated with traditional patterns, but we also hand pick berber rugs made with fabric, including the cube shaped ones.

Our modern decor has adopted the pouf as an element of comfort and style. Many designers were inspired so they gave it different forms and shapes, from the wisest form to the most delirious.