How to stuff a Moroccan leather pouf?

How to stuff a Moroccan leather pouf?

Nowadays, every Moroccan leather pouf has a zipper to help fill the Moroccan pouf easily, that is because the Moroccans before left the work of the upholstery of the pouf to the same craftsman who filled it with wool natural and sewed it once and for all, but that was before.

With what can we fill the Moroccan leather pouf?

You have just received your Moroccan leather pouf to embellish your current decoration or to add a little charm to your existing moroccan leather ottomanMoroccan artisanal decoration? There is a 90% chance that you could buy it without padding and that you are looking for a solution to fill it in order to use it! To help you in your search and give you an adequate answer, it would depend especially if you want to make a soft or firm seat.

In Morocco, we use old clothes or unusable sheets that gives a firm appearance to the beanbag without sagging over time.

By cons, if you want to have a Moroccan pouf with a soft seat to sink in, the solutions are not lacking, here are some:

  • Silicone wadding.
  • Polyether foam (the higher its density, the more it gives a firm appearance, exists in 16, 24, 28, and in 34kg of density).
  • High resilience foam (the higher its density, the more it gives a firm appearance, exists in 26, 35, 40, and in 43kg of density).
  • Kapok natural fiber.
  • Foam flakes.

If you do not want to move to find something to fill your pouf craft, you will find hundreds of online stores offering products like those mentioned above to stuff the cushions, all that can fill a cushion can also serve for a Moroccan pouf.

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